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Picture of a gold piggy bank on a black background, with yellow text saying Fundwise Capital helps entrepreneurs get no interest loans up to $200,000Loan application has never been so easy. Brought to you by a company that is familiar with the struggles business owners face when trying to get loans. We partner with a private company with a large network. We can help you find creative solutions to qualify or help smooth through the process of a conventional loan. Either way, the process is likely to end with a great loan: an amount higher than you originally hoped for and an interest rate lower than you would have believed possible. Low interest business loans are available, but so are interest free loans. Want to know if this is a possibility for you? You are 9 quick questions away from the phone call that can get you approved. 

Apply today and talk to a team member who knows the ins and outs of applying for loans. A good credit score is all that is necessary. Not sure you could qualify? Did you know your business has its own credit score? If your organization has been up to date on paying taxes and vendors, you could have the answer to your problems. You can apply based on your business’s credit score. Click the link on the right to continue. Once you apply, you will receive a no obligation phone call within 1-2 business days. You could have money in your account in as little as 10 days. 

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If you find yourself thinking if only there was a way to get a small business loan with no interest so that I can simply keep my business afloat, there is a solution! Before running after banks that are not interested or turning to merchant cash advance companies that will take advantage of your good credit by giving you a short term loan with tons of interest, consider this important option. We can help you leverage your credit score to obtain high value loans with no interest for 6 months, 9 months, a year, and even up to a year and a half! Imagine having access to a loan, using the funds you need, and being able to pay everything back completely without paying one cent of interest. Start the application and find out what you can get today!


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An open sign showing the word open in neon red letters inside a neon blue boxStarting a new business takes a lot of guts, and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. There are so many variables to consider. If you are leaving an active career, that’s a whole world of comfort to step away from for the unknown. There are social pressures from family and friends as those in our support network don’t always understand the driving force for a need for change. Sometimes the first step is taken on a whim. For others, every step is carefully planned before they take the plunge.

Some new entrepreneurs have been gearing toward opening their own business’s doors for what seems like forever. They already have a solid plan in mind on how they are going to find employees, where they are going to set up shop, and exactly how they are going to produce and market their products and services.

By far, one of the biggest challenges for confident or uncertain entrepreneurs is raising enough capital for this new venture. This one consideration is tied in to nearly every other aspect of starting a new business. If you’re wondering “what can business loans be used for,” consider these questions. Need skilled employees? You need capital to pay them. Need specific equipment? That’s another cost. Rent or mortgage for the building you operate out of? More money. Materials? Insurance? Employee benefits? Ka-ching! Since selling products or services is likely slow, the profits gained may not allow you to expand as quickly as you need to. Or there may not be enough to support the infrastructure you have in place already.

Some people leave quite successful careers to pursue options that are more in-tune with how they want to do business. Even the most well connected people can have trouble with bank loans for starting up. In most cases, knowing bank managers, and even people on the board of the bank, does not in fact further your efforts to get a loan. Without at least 2 years of proven returns, it is so hard to get a bank to see your vision and acknowledge your probable success.

Don’t let these obstacles stomp on your dream. You need a loan. Check out Fundwise Capital for an awesome option you may not be able to find anywhere else. They are waiting to hear from you. Click this link and start your approval process today.


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Businesses that survive the stress of the early days are not immune to the hard times of the present. Perhaps you worked hard to raise the funds to get started, were able to secure that bank loan, and have carved out a space for your product or service in today’s busy market. Even if business has been booming, there comes a time when expansion requires more funding. Sitting on profits from successfully sold products or services means little when it cannot keep up with the cost of hiring more workers and equipment. A loan is definitely necessary in this scenario as a way to hold down the fort until the doors can open again.

Perhaps things aren’t as rosy as they could be. With the current pandemic in today’s world, business might have slowed to a crawl.

Business man on the phone

Maybe even before quarantine measures, things were tight. Needing a loan to get through the pandemic is where many business owners are at right now. Banks that would readily approve owners of established businesses may be more wary. Lenders have put up barriers against approving some industries, knowing who the quarantine is likely to effect the most and so making them a bad risk.

Sure, for those in expansion mode despite the current economic atmosphere, a bank loan may not be difficult to secure. Interest rates may even favor obtaining a loan now, assuming of course, the waiting period for approval does not take too long. And if you have that magic data, at least 2 years’ worth of returns to lean on, you may be set. Whether you are looking to expand or needing help to keep your business above water, who wants to wait weeks for approval of a loan with high interest?

There is an increase in people wanting to find those no interest loans in this coronavirus influenced world. These loans are being used to help people just like you expand into new avenues of doing business and keep their businesses ready to open when quarantine lifts.

With easy to follow steps and no obligation or risk to your current credit, visit their website here to apply for your phone call and find out how they can help you.


Do any of the following affect you right now?

  • Fewer customers
  • High marketing costs to attract what little market interests there are
  • No way to reliably do business day to day
  • Employment layoffs or struggles to keep employees on payroll
  • Close to reaching for the high interest, short term loan to survive
  • Close to throwing in the towel and closing the doors for good
  • Watching in distress as your high profit business can no longer support you and your family
  • Thinking you may have to walk away from your high profit business; it’s just too expensive to maintain right now
  • Wishing you had access to a reasonable loan to keep things going until the pandemic has run its course
  • Is your business struggling to survive?

You need to talk to a lender today. Visit the website to apply here. We are all doing our best to obey quarantine measures. None of us want ourselves or our loved ones to be affected by the worst this virus can do. But we also don’t want to lose our livelihoods for good, especially when our business model was successful before the pandemic. A no interest loan can turn that around.

We can often get businesses owners with good credit approved for much more than they originally hoped for. You are just 9 questions and a soft credit check away from finding out what is available for you. Visit Fundwise Capital today.


Your business deserves undivided attention, and now more than ever you are focused on any information that will help you keep your business alive. Go to Fundwise Capital. Even if you are one of the lucky few who do not need a loan right now, having access to one “just in case” could be wise. As we all become used to life with coronavirus, who knows what the future holds.

You go through the application, you get the loan, and now the future of your business is more certain. For some, there is way more to the problem than just the financial aspect. Of course, customers (or the lack of them) play a big role in what’s going on with businesses everywhere today. Some companies exist to do business with other businesses. This comes in many forms: manufacturers that supply raw materials, specialty companies that shape material that another business assembles into a product, equipment rental companies, and of course, marketing agencies and consultants.

Whole niches are devoted to providing additional and extensive training for employees, or retreats that help with focus and teamwork. These are definitely businesses that cater directly towards other businesses. However, with current events, if your services are extended more towards the employees of other businesses, you may definitely be in trouble. During the pandemic, many companies have had to reluctantly let employees go. Even after they can re-open, it may be some time before they can afford to expand benefits or invest in employees beyond paying wages.

If your expertise is so closely tied to another business that they must work with you in order to operate at all, such as in the case of a manufacturer, you are in a slightly better position. Work is all but guaranteed whenever your customers come back into the game.

In either case, however, your customers are suffering in the same situation as you: a business with closed doors, minimal, if any, function, low profits, and uncertainty with how much longer they can keep going on the fumes they currently call funds. Be the hero today, offer them a way through this difficult situation. We can help your business customers in Utica, and even in other cities around the United States. Wherever your customers are nationally, imagine giving them an answer to their funding problems.

As they wait their turn for government grants or bemoan ineligibility, it never hurts to reach out to your network to let them know about no interest, high value loans available through Fundwise Capital. Share this website or point them directly to the link:

Showing an interest in their well-being right now will not go unnoticed. Offering a very reasonable, quick solution when many are staring at less optimal lenders and banks is an added value to doing business with you that will be remembered after the quarantine conditions are lifted. Start your own application today by clicking here or share the link with others:

To sign up as a partner, go here.


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Are you in a recession-proof business? Do you find that other businesses around you, whether direct competition or just others in different markets, are struggling to get by but for you, profits have never been so good? Looking to scale up? A business loan may help you achieve your ambitious goals. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and now you have incredibly knowledgeable, hard-working employees and a product whose stock you fly through or a service that’s always in demand. You are living the dream of success, and now, it’s time to expand.

Expanding businesses are the envy of all others in their market since success makes every other business owner crave that same achievement. However, this position also comes with its fair share of costs.

Taking the leap and investing in this growing business model can pay out quite handsomely, as with more resources, more customers can be reached, and more revenue result. But new costs can slow growth in this next step for your business.

Obstacles to expansion include:

  • A need for more workers – someone has to be available to sell increased products or provide more services to paying customers
  • The need for more office space – those new employees need to set up somewhere, work somewhere, and store any special equipment or personal effects somewhere
  • More or better equipment – the old finicky machines just aren’t going to cut the mustard now that you need to move quicker in order to fulfill all your orders or sell more product
  • A need for storage space – now that you have the manpower to cater to more customers, any overflow of equipment or products needs to have its own organized space

In all these areas and more, why not let us help you obtain the cash flow necessary to see your business grow before your eyes? Other options can give you the bare minimum required in order tick off all your boxes to successfully expand, or if they are generous loans, they may come with hefty interest rates attached. Practically Funded can get you the loan you need and likely for a higher amount than you hoped was possible. These small business loans with no interest are unsecured. Get your no obligation phone call today. Click here.


At some point, success in a business means needing more manpower in order to increase efficiency and offer more services for an extended period of time beyond original operating hours. Extra workers mean more can be accomplished in the same amount of time, or more people are available to work outside normal operating hours, thereby increasing production. More time can be added to the work day as well, since now there are more employees available to sell product or deliver service. To obtain more employees, business owners will need to do a bulk hire, or even a slow hire of highly skilled employees. Both of these processes are going to cost time (in the hiring process) and money (from time given to hiring and the training process). These employees are eventually going to be able to cover their cost, hopefully, but in the meantime, this is an important area to budget for. Aside from expanding and in addition to the cost to pay employees, some industries also have mandatory continuing education to contend with. Even if your business is not at the stage of hiring more workers, the cost to provide continuing education, which is an added perk most employees are looking for these days, can be hefty when multiplied by the number of employees currently working for the company. A no interest small business loan can certainly help shoulder these obligations.


Those who run seasoned businesses can become attached to their equipment. Any unique tricks to help tools run effectively or properly are well known and the equipment is reliable, as testified to by the number of jobs completed using them. In the life of a successful business, however, a time comes when to satisfy all demand for services or products, an investment into new equipment becomes necessary. It can be as simple as buying a new laptop, providing more computers, or even just updating software. Buying the latest and greatest equipment can be satisfying. No more quirky and obscure techniques to make something work the way it should, and you can take advantage of new technology and breakthroughs. All this should help increase efficiency and even allow you to offer more services to customers. In the time of expansion, when more employees are hired, these workers will need their own equipment or work stations that include computers, printers, or whatever else is necessary to get the job done and increase their production. Whether success looks like expanding the numbers of workers and equipment, or just updating your own work gear, many small businesses could use loans in this area in order to make the numbers work. Check here and make these goals a reality.


Small businesses in Utica may find they need more office space as time goes on and the possibility for more profits comes by. The traditional thought for office space is floor space for cubicles to house work stations for employees. However, it can also look like more floor space for shelving products to be sold, a larger area for a show case, or a larger space to sell food products. As a store’s potential expands, so does the amount of room needed to keep customers satisfied. Building on to existing space is sometimes an option, especially if the real estate is owned and not rented (otherwise good luck convincing the building’s owner to add on more rooms). This can be quite costly, so a cost-benefit analysis is a must to make sure future profits will be more than adequate to make this a worthwhile investment. Picking up and moving location is another option that comes with its own trials. Aside from potential costs related to breaking one lease and signing another, and physically moving any equipment and products from the old building to the new one, there is also the contention of increased marketing. This is geared at letting existing customers know your brand is still around, just moved to another (hopefully more convenient) location, as well as advertising to future customers that you exist and where you are located. Moves can be incredibly smart but also costly. Find out how much of a no-interest small business loan you can qualify for and take the headache out of the cost problem when looking for more office space. Click here for your no obligation phone call today!

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If your local business in Utica is growing, it’s a good bet that after looking at the best interests of your customers and hiring more employees, equipment, and space for employee use, you need to also examine other needs unique to the business itself. Storage space sometimes comes into play, especially in expansion. In order to take advantage of a market of abundant customers keen on acquiring your particular product, you need to have this product on hand. Time spent ordering in more items gives customers time to fulfill their needs elsewhere, and amounts to a lost sale on your books that you would have secured if only you had the product now, instead of one week, or even a couple days, from now. 

Rushing orders to fill the stock when items are flying from the shelves can also result in increased costs from suppliers. While this may be a very necessary cost, and one that is easily recuperated in the process of selling, it might be nice to skip over it completely. If only there was a big enough area to keep extra stock so that it is available and at the ready when needed. Such an idea has a price tag, like most things in life. But an interest free loan for small business can certainly help achieve this ideal. Do you think this might be a good next step for your business? Put a detailed plan down on paper and go make a bank meeting. If you are persuasive enough, they might approve just enough of a loan to make this new goal a reality, and take an additional cut from charging interest. Or you can skip jumping through these hoops and apply through our partner Fundwise Capital. Get a loan substantial enough in size to cover what you need and more, in the case that you have underestimated what kind of storage you require. Pay no interest for 6 months, 9 months, or more, on your new unsecured loan. Help those expansion efforts without losing additional money in interest or figuring out what you’re going to offer up in collateral. Visit today, you are 30 seconds and a phone call away from making so many dreams reality. Click here and start the process now!

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Times are definitely difficult. Social distancing makes it almost impossible for any businesses to bring in customers. A rush on digitizing business has resulted in slow growth or rapid, disorganized expansion. Companies that ran as well-oiled machines struggle to keep their best employees amid little or no work for staff to do. For many business owners, profits are suffering no matter what they do. While protecting your health and the health of those around you is of the utmost importance, keeping your business, your livelihood, alive is important, too.

In these uncertain times, do not dismay if you are having difficulties getting aid. Do not turn to shark loaners, lenders that have shunned your industry, or banks that have just too many hoops to jump through. Visit our partner Fundwise Capital to get a no interest loan by leveraging your great credit score. Bridge the distance between these hard times and the good times that lie just beyond. Your phone call is no obligation, the initial questionnaire does not require sensitive information, no payment information is needed. What are you waiting for? Visit today.