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Practically Funded is committed to helping business owners. After all, the team has their own experiences with the struggle of obtaining funding. Startups have an especially difficult struggle ahead of them. Our partners are made of people who found themselves in that tough situation, trying to secure enough funding to have their business endeavor lift off the ground. Some of these entrepreneurs had sound contacts in banks, but found even knowing the members of the board may not do much for securing a loan. The mindset that a good credit score should open doors to hardworking people sets a foundation. Loans can be approved using creative resources that we has access to.

Perhaps your personal credit score is not where it should be. We have all sorts of resources to still help you. Business funding available can leverage the credit score of the business itself to secure funding. While not the 0% interest rate available to those with personal good credit, the interest rates obtained can be quite competitive. And that’s not all. We can also obtain traditional loans such as personal term loans and credit lines. Many of these are unsecured options, meaning no collateral is necessary. A good business credit score with strong revenue streams, or a good personal credit score can take you so far.


Do you have clients or other contacts who could benefit from getting a loan? Companies who specialize in business to business relationships can also offer their customers funding options. It can be as simple as placing a link on the checkout website page. Suddenly, clients who waver due to cost concerns have an option that can suit them. Borrowing the money to move forward with your program or product can also allow them to pay it back slower, in smaller and more affordable installments. You won’t have to go chasing them down and you won’t lose business or have to compromise your already fair prices. Sharing the link here is one option, but here’s another factor.

This is a commissions-based program that could be right for you. Refer someone else to the website and application, your partner takes care of the rest. This informative team will discuss all loans available, the process, and answer all questions for your referral. There are also no ethical dilemmas, as any commission you earn comes from the company itself, not from charging anything extra to the person you referred. Help yourself as you help others. Often, the best way to help ourselves is to help others. The partners program is extensive and designed to benefit you and any business owners you refer in the best ways possible. Don’t let your friends and customers suffer in financially stressful times. Sign up to partner today.

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