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Practically Funded has a great technique for creative loan solutions. Startups can find great offers for high amounts of funding with 0% interest. Some established businesses can also take advantage of these options. Not to mention, we have a great source for 0% interest credit cards. These otherwise obscure opportunities are difficult to find and often not advertised, but your team will put them at your fingertips.

Traditional venues for small business loans are also available. Personal term loans and lines of credit can be easily achieved. Interest rates are comparable to bank options and our team will negotiate for the best rates possible.

For any loan, a good credit score is a must. This positive track record for a business owner’s ability to repay any amount loaned is the leverage needed to inspire trust from lenders. However, sometimes life throws curveballs that put credit score in a lower level than it should be. This doesn’t have to be the end of your ability to qualify for you a loan. Many business owners don’t realize their business itself has a credit score. Those who want loans with bad credit can leverage their business’s credit score to this end. If a loan can turn your struggle into a victory, there is a way.

Seasoned businesses are looked at favorably by lenders. Those with scores above 600 and in business for more than 6 months have more options. Revenue of $20,000 a month helps make the cause for a loan. These are obtained through term loans and business lines of credit. Of course, if your credit allows, you can qualify for more than one kind of loan through us. How much funding do you need? Do you know double what you might be thinking could easily be available to you? Apply today and see how your life can change.

One common factor that drags down credit score is maxed out credit cards. It is ingrained in many of us that credit cards, with payments met on time, can increase our credit score. This is true to an extent. Debt paid off will help raise credit scores. However, credit cards that are more than 30% utilized can drag your score down. Let’s face it, what business owner doesn’t rely on those business credit cards? 30% usage is easily eaten up.

If you fall into this category, there is a great resolution. Our partners can get you qualified for a bridge loan. This unique option will get you a small amount of funds due over a short period of time. The room here is usually enough to pay off whatever credit cards are weighing down your score. At this point, the credit bureau will still need to run a check before the paid of/paid down cards register enough to increase your score. We can help you get this check sped through faster, to allow you to qualify for a larger loan sooner.

Now that your credit score has gotten its boost, you can qualify for the larger loans you need, pay off the bridge loan back to its lender, and enjoy a lower interest, longer term period. Loans can be used for all sorts of areas. Many companies in expansion mode find the availability to extra capital to be very useful. When it comes to expanding the available human capital, updating office space, and increasing storage areas, loans definitely can have a place.

Loans obtained in different areas (personal and business alike) can also be used to counter equipment costs. Another option exists as well to help with this expense. Equipment financing is offered through many lenders, and we know where to look. Because oftentimes the equipment in question is quite pricy, these loans attach collateral from the equipment in question. No other security is needed other than the equipment you are purchasing. With so many loan options, don’t delay in applying.

Trust us to secure the best loan for you possible. Business funding in Utica has never been so easy. All these options and more are available for you. Rather than fitting in one box qualification-wise, we will leverage your credit score, and your business’s credit score, in many ways. There are many possibilities to get the amounts you dream of. Qualify for several different type of loans off one application. We work with a large network of lenders and a huge database to get the loans desired.

They are well versed in where to look for creative solutions to your loan problems as well as even ways to get some loan venders to change an initial denial to approval. You are in good hands with our partners at Fundwise Capital. Your assigned team will take over the legwork after your initial application, freeing you from the tedium of repetitive applications so you can focus on your business through this whole process. An additional benefit is that most loans are unsecured.

Collateral doesn’t have to be a determining factor. Leveraging assets only goes so far and can only be done once per loan. Most of the loans  are unsecured along with the competitive interest rates (or no interest rate at all for several months). Sound like a great opportunity? Don’t miss out. Let’s get started right now. Apply today.

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