No Interest Business Loans Available in Utica, New York

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Picture of a phone that has the words Corona Fund on the screenWith the coronavirus rampaging through the country, now more than ever people are looking for different financial options. Our model is a business serving other business owners by helping them apply for unsecured business loans with no interest that are often difficult to find. The situation with coronavirus is already dire. Don’t watch your business fail beyond all hope while protecting your health! Know your options now. Find out more here.

The threat of the novel coronavirus has caused a halt to daily life around the world. Social distancing and quarantine measures mean that all businesses except those deemed essential are closed. The primary focus is rightly on concerns for our health, as covid-19 has claimed thousands of lives throughout the U.S. and this pandemic is far from being over. Over 12,000 people have died in the state of New York alone.

As the country takes all necessary precautions to beat this disease, businesses big and small are suddenly finding themselves in trouble. Barred from allowing customers to enter their stores, some business owners are pivoting in exciting ways to offer products and services in distancing friendly ways, such as by online orders and shipping, or online meetings through Zoom and other apps.

For some, this is a time to focus on improving their business and learning new skills. For those whose livelihood depends on services they can no longer provide, finding a creative solution or the funds to learn new things are proving to be challenging. If you started up right before the pandemic hit, or you were well-established and now struggling, apply today. If your floating along in good or bad times but you are worried about your clients and their financial health, be sure to share this application. Bussiness-to-business relationships are only successful if your clients can keep up with costs themselves.



Many business owners, when starting out, explore options for bank loans in order to get the funds needed to start a business up. Banks can offer sufficient loans but often at interest rates of 10% or more. The savvy business owner might be able to shop around and find interest rates at 8%, 7%, or 6%. Sometimes articles and blogs will point you in the right direction to look for these. The unicorn, of course, is the high amount loan that has 0% interest. Runner up is a good business credit card capable of handling the everyday operating expenses necessary, but whoever heard of a credit card with 0% interest?

This is no fairy tale, these loans and cards exist! It’s just that most of us are too busy to spend hours and resources combing meticulously through the web to find them, or we lack the contacts who could get us approved. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Our partner was created by entrepreneurs who faced the difficult challenges of being approved for bank loans with enough capital to actually start running a business. Tired of the run-around, constant rejection, and success tied to high interest rates, they focused on other avenues.

This path led them to find creative, legal, solutions: various loans and credit cards that are extremely difficult to find but, in fact, exist, at 0% interest rates. They are sharing this knowledge with YOU.  Imagine a company that works to get you the best approval possible for business loans. Find out how you can benefit today.


At the best of times, loans can be viewed as a necessary evil. No one wants to go into debt. Many of us are still carrying around start-up costs and student loans on top of the average costs of doing business. The thought of adding another high interest loan to keep the business surviving leaves a bitter taste behind. This is especially true since the pandemic leaves uncertainty as to when customers might be allowed to enter non-essential businesses again, or even if they will feel comfortable to do so once the restrictions lift.

There are possibilities right now to defer repayments and even interest but watch the terms because there may be strings attached. Click the link and explore your options for a no-interest loan. Keep the business going until the bad times become good times, without watching interest grow while profits are low.

In these uncertain coronavirus times, the government is not blind to the predicament facing business owners. Under the recent CARES act, they have generously budgeted trillions of dollars for loans to help businesses, some of which may be eligible to turn into grants. This money is limited and sometimes difficult to get. Larger businesses are qualifying for more and many small local business owners are struggling without any relief.

Tied to the fate of struggling business owners, employees are also suffering as unemployment rates soar. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) aimed at helping business owners support their employees has the condition that all employees be kept and paid for weeks on end. While it does allow business owners to also claim expenses such as rent and mortgage payments, many entrepreneurs find it unrealistic to keep on so much staff when their closed businesses are incapable of making any profits right now. This combines with the fact that the PPP has run out of money. Of course, the government is refilling the pot, but a no-interest loan that can be spent as needed without further stipulations may be the way to go.

If the current relief options seem too competitive or otherwise unfavorable, consider an option that has existed before, and will exist after, coronavirus. Our Partner is a company that can help entrepreneurs like you get a zero interest loan for your business. We understand that business owners are worried about the future. Adding on loans right now when business has slowed is a difficult option to consider, but the restrictions will eventually lift, and a loan might make all the difference whether your business sticks around to see that day. Don’t give up on your dreams and goals. Start the conversation today, by clicking here.

This is a stressful time for business owners. For many, the profits have ground to a halt. You know the market will open up soon but you need to get to that point first. The stress may be keeping you up at night. Even at the best of times, those who go to the bank can find business loans hard to get. Different lenders have banned some industries altogether from getting their loans during this pandemic. Talk to an agent. There are ways to get the funds you need. 


Here’s how it works:

We work to leverage personal credit to take advantage of various loans and credit cards available in the United States. Business owners get approved for loans up to $200,000 with no interest for several months or possibly even a year. If you live in Utica, this is your lucky day. If you know other business owners struggling in other cities, We can help anyone in the United States.

As an extra benefit, many loans can take 45-90 days to secure, but our partner can obtain the funds in 3 to 4 weeks, and even in as few as 10 days, in some cases. We use an algorithm and a network of lenders to secure these loans. 

The sequence in which you apply for different loans and credit cards matters; it effects how much you can qualify for. The algorithm used will pinpoint the most effective ways for how you apply for business loans.

In addition to this creative approach, the network of lenders we have access to want your business. Your contact can get their attention and make sure the best one offers you the best loan. This can sometimes come through in loans at least twice as much as you originally asked for. These loans are unsecured, meaning you don’t need collateral in order to qualify or get approval. Business just starting out to those in full expansion mode can qualify.

Click here and go through the application process, which is only a 30 second ordeal. 9 questions later, you will be set to receive a phone call from a representative. They will discuss your options and help you with the next steps. This phone call is completely no obligation. No payment information is needed to go through this process.

No sensitive information is collected. General contact info and how long your business has been running are important questions but even new businesses get approved. Business revenue and credit score are also asked, and permission to check your credit score. This soft inquiry will not affect the score at all.

There are currently no upfront fees for their service. There is a 9% performance fee but this comes out of the loan itself. This means you won’t have to pay out any money to get the loan. Considering this is a one-time fee and so much less than the 10%+ many banks charge, the 16%+ of many credit cards, or the 60%+ shark loans apply, this is an incredible deal. Get your application started today.

Why would you want a no interest loan?

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes money to make money”?

Business owners around the world are familiar with that concept. Whether your business was in an unsecure place and now the coronavirus situation has toppled you over completely, or you have been able to find a creative solution and turn a profit despite the less than ideal times, having access to extra capital is always a plus. Securing a loan for “just in case” measures, for starting up, and especially when times are rough can be extremely difficult after you jump through all the application hoops. 

This process can also be very time consuming as meeting after meeting passes and rejections or high interest rates block the road to successfully getting the loan you need. A 0% interest loan for the amount you need goes far in helping any aspect of your business that needs financial attention. Grow your business, learn new skills, or simply keep the lights on as you navigate these tough times. The options are endless. Have the conversation today. Visit us now. What are you waiting for? The future is rushing towards you.


Perhaps the current situation with coronavirus has you waiting to see what other supports the government may have for you. If you qualify and are able to collect the current government grants and relief funds available, absolutely go after those resources. That is the entire point of them. But even after coronavirus is behind us and the aid is no longer provided or needed, be sure to visit again. It is likely that in your future you will need a loan for various reasons.

As the future is unknown, many people like to be prepared for all events. Isn’t it great to already have an approved loan at your fingertips before you need it? Talk to an agent today, it’s never too late to prepare for the future. Click here.