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Licensed professionals provide unique services within local businesses. The skills that doctors, lawyers, pilots, and others acquire are not transferable to those without the proper education and training. A client or patient cannot walk into just any office and expect the same quality service from someone who is not licensed. As a licensed professional, you have met rigorous educational standards and clocked many hours of experience in order to practice with the level of certainty you offer.

This preferential career class comes with heavy responsibilities. Graduation can come with a hefty price tag in the form of student loans yet unpaid. Constraints on your time may limit social interactions and the stress of the job is something not everyone outside the field considers. However, there are certain advantages as a nod to the hard work licensed professionals clock on the day to day. The work ethic and the prices of services make licensed professionals into great risks in the eyes of lenders. This is a great characteristic since starting out as a lawyer, doctor, or even chartered accountant comes with its own financial difficulties, stresses, and student debts.

If you are just starting out, there are likely many investments to consider. Office space is key. This space may need adjustments in order to function most efficiently. For example, beds for chiropractors or reclining chairs for dentists need to have accommodations. Tools for daily services can range or heavier equipment that keeps a practice up-to-date are also necessary. These are often quite expensive and may need to be leased or financed. Even the established practice will need to keep up with modern developments and upgrade equipment from time to time.

With earnings that are pretty static across their respective niches, licensed professionals will find favor with funding companies. We can help obtain licensed professionals loans at great rates for high amounts. A credit score of 630 or more can be leveraged. Income will also be taken into consideration, but even without being in practice yet, the licensed professional can still be approved. Loans can be as high as $500,000 with a term of 10 years. Interest rates are as low as 10%. If you are newly licensed with your eyes on a high goal, get your business loan here and start up. If you find yourself in a struggle against balancing your new practice with unforeseen obstacles, this is your chance. Apply today to gain access to additional funds that can help smooth over gaps in the budget as your business is growing.

We have the resources and network you need to get approved in just a few weeks for the loan you need (or higher). With experience in qualifying licensed professionals, take advantage of the perks that can come your way. There is no cost to apply and no barrier to entry. Put your good credit score to work in your favor and explore what the future can hold for you.

Licensed professionals that will find particularly great benefits from this program include:

Doctors and other health care professionals
Chartered Professional Accountants
Financial Advisors
Insurance Agents
And more!

Apply with us today.

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