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Picture of a cardiologist's stethoscope

Medical care is important and there are a lot of concerns on both sides of a patient-doctor relationship. Obviously, patients are in need of top notch healthcare from their providers, and doctors are focused on providing such services. While medical care is important to practitioners, costs are a concern for doctors as well as their patients. Medical equipment is expensive, as are licensing fees, staffing costs, and many of the day-to-day needs in practice. Even simple, inexpensive things such as needles and syringes can add up quickly. Add to that student debt from acquiring a medical degree in the first place, and finances can seem painful. Those that dream of owning their own practice and being their own boss, sometimes have to seek employment at another practice first, to save up for the dream.

However, loans to startup a practice are available, and we can help you secure one. These are loans that have 0% interest over several months, and unsecured so no capital required. Startup loans are notorious for being hedged into limited amounts. Doctors are preferential clients as medicine is viewed as a profitable business, so loans for doctors reflect this elite status. Our partner knows how to leverage the unique status of doctors to acquire large amounts of loans that will provide for the needs of starting up. Rent for acquiring the building for the practice, funds for stock, and more can be afforded through a small business loan.

For established or even struggling practices, there are answers to financial concerns and expansion. Do you need to upgrade the building of your practice, so as to have more exam rooms? Perhaps you need specialty equipment. There are newer ultrasound machines that allow for imaging with colour. There is state of the art technology that shows veins within soft tissue for easier venipuncture. Equipment financing is available where the security of the loan is the piece of equipment itself. There are many loan options available to you. Apply for a no obligation phone call today and get the best options.

We partner with a company that is not itself a lender, but has access to a large network of lenders. They are a company familiar with working with professionals and obtaining preferential loans and rates deserving of the hard work, unique skillsets, and overall high value of medical professionals. We can help you leverage your good credit score to obtain the best loans for the best interest rates (or even 0% interest!) through personal loans, obscure credit cards, and other sources. Credit score not where you like it to be? If you have a business that has been operating for a couple years, you could be in the clear. Not many people know this, but businesses themselves have credit scores. Your good relationships with various venders, pharmaceutical companies, and others help boost that score. This could be your best bet in getting a great business loans for your needs.

Some business owners can get stuck when applying for loans. They may need to face options of taking the loan they need with high interest rates or a lower amount with a better interest rate. We can get several loans for you at once. Now the amount you qualify for is the amount you need or more, with great interest rates. Applying is easy and no sensitive information is needed. The application links you with a team member who will assess your needs and take care of all further applications to different lenders. Make your financial goals a reality today. Apply now!

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