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Homes are valuable assets but also expensive commodities. Homeowners often find things that need doing around the house, even if they have moved into a brand new home. This is to say nothing of those who don’t take proper care of their largest, often most valuable, possession. When homes are run down, renovators are called in to help fix the situation. Many reality TV shows revolve around these building makeovers. The work done can truly be like magic.

As a home renovator, we know you have your work cut out for you. Some renovators are instrumental in helping current home owners find new charm and freshen up their current living space. The process can be long and grueling, with unwelcome surprises along the way. Costs are understandably handed down to the home owner, but some costs are just part of doing business, and must be absorbed by the business owner.

Other renovators may be people rebuilding homes to new heights of glory as a side-gig or alternate project to the day-to-day grind. Being the home owner has pros and cons. The renovations get done to your specifications and standards. Corners can be cut, or dealt with strictly, depending on your judgement instead of someone else. This lands a further financial burden, though, that can be scary to shoulder.

Home renovators have a hard task that can be very rewarding on both sides of a future house transaction. Working as your own boss on a purchased home, the fruits of your labour can compound when the money put in to help repair and modernize a home brings a return of twice, three times, or more what you put in to begin with.

Loans have an important role to play where “flipping” houses are concerned. Many renovation contractors who work in this manner depend on bank loans to afford the large mortgages that come with even the most run down of houses. Sellers are aware of the potential value of the home they are parting with, even if it’s being sold as an ugly duckling. While the condition may validate a decreased price, the potential of the home can help salvage the purchase point.

Bank mortgage lenders and private lenders may be quite happy to loan the money to an established contractor. Rates may not be the best, but that can also depend on any standing relationship or how experienced you may be negotiating with several lenders at once. If you are new to the game and already have a mortgage of your own, it may be difficult qualifying for a second mortgage. Even with solid skills to succeed, ‘no’ may be a common answer from lenders. This is a frustrating place to be, knowing you can break into a good market and earn a good living, but hindered by the financial parts.

Let our partner put cash in your bank so you can concentrate on the truly important jobs at hand: restoring that house. We have experience helping home contractors like you obtain large loans for your needs. A loan big enough to fit a mortgage into is a definitely within grasp. We have a great network of lenders and know the right ones to reach out to and obtain your loan. As well, they have great knowledge of low interest and 0% interest credit cards that will benefit you enormously.

As far as loans go, the mortgage is just the tip of the iceberg. All contractors have other monetary needs as well. Equipment is a great example. We can help you obtain several loans for your needs. Apart from the tools of the trade, sometimes it is just helpful to partner with other companies or hire a few more people to help get the job done. The money to hire is another use for the loan. Office space and storage space will be less of a burden, though the use of a trailer, if you don’t already have one, is certainly something to consider.

Expansion also impacts everyone differently but especially on the housing market, this can be a tricky balance. If you are in the middle of your own renovation project but another beauty full of potential becomes available, it is difficult to let such good opportunities pass by. What if you didn’t have to? Whereas another loan or mortgage company may be reluctant to let you overextend, we can help you get what you need to succeed. These options are great for you, and any partnering companies you may work with.

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