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Business loans are often necessary for the most fundamental of features of running a business. Old companies and new alike need manpower, equipment, and very importantly, a place to conduct business and finalize details. All businesses by their very nature generate paperwork to be completed: inventory lists, order forms, contracts for work, agreements for payment among staff members and venders, and the ever important tax documents that keep operations on the right side of the law. Aside from being many in number, these papers often contain sensitive information. Even if digitized, they need a designated safe place to be kept until the situation arises in which they are needed. Information regarding how to contact employees and customers, as well as financial information, must be protected. The most common method is to store these documents either in hard copy, digital copy, or both a the official headquarters of the local company.


Office space, or operating space, is also essential to supply goods or services in any niche. Stock of products need to be delivered somewhere, and employees need a safe place to sell these products or access software necessary for transactions. Some professions, like contractors, do business at a different base weekly or daily, but even these will need a place to set up at least a laptop and printer, or for an office assistant to create a schedule for work performed, as well as invoices. As business improves and more profits are generated, established business owners set their sights on higher profit targets. This increases the amount of operating costs in many situations, including needing more workers, more space for them to work in, and possibly more space to store more equipment. With all this in mind, a new office or operating space is necessary.

Office space can be rented or owned, and there are pros and cons to both situations. The most important qualifying factor is price to be paid to use the space. An available budget affects whether a business owner rents the space or invests more permanently. Another thing to consider is that owned real estate can be collateral, which is necessary to qualify for some loans. An added cost is insurance for the property, however it is paid for. To cover all these costs, many new businesses require small business loans. Banks are most often sought after to provide these loans as they are safe and well-reputable lenders. Just about all bank loans are secured, meaning collateral in some shape has to be attached to the loan. In some cases, collateral doesn’t have to be the whole amount of a valuable asset. Some bank loans will allow a percentage of a piece of real estate to be set as collateral, which can leave the business owner with somewhat of a safety net. In the event of not being able to pay, the owner will have to liquefy the asset, but doesn’t have to lose the whole value of it.

Because starting businesses do not have the profits to show for their work like more established businesses, it can be hard to get the attention of a bank for an approved small business loan. If a new business is lucky enough to qualify and receive a loan, interest rates can prove a stressful burden to shoulder. Struggling businesses can sometimes find expansion can increase efficiency and turn their situation around, but they are in a worse position than new businesses to request a loan from banks, or anyone for that matter. Established businesses have a better time acquiring bank loans when the time to expand comes. With a good personal credit score or good credit score for the business entity, as well as documented results of profit, tax returns, and vender payments, tried and true businesses are seen as a much better risk than a brand new business. Those that conduct business to business transactions as the bulk of their actions can be seen as especially safe risks. Interest rates on loans they acquire can also be much better than would otherwise be offered, but all interest inflates the amount to be repaid.

Business loans help startups get this space or profitable companies expand into a new space but with the attached interest rates and security necessary, many owners wish there was a better way. Luckily, there is. We have an established base that helps experienced business owners and new entrepreneurs alike leverage their personal (or business’) good credit score to be approved for very large amount loans, up to $200,000 in some cases. These are interest free, so the small business loan has no interest for many months, or a year, or even longer. Using creative methods such as 0% interest credit cards and applying in just the right order to various other loans, We can make a big difference to any business looking for the right loan. Our partner does not itself lend the money, but the company’s knowledge of how to get great interest free loans, and their vast network of lenders, can be used in favor of almost any business. These loans are furthermore unsecured and many business owners find they can repay them well within the interest free period. Imagine expanding into a new space that quickly helps to increase profit margins, and then repaying the loan used to get that space, without any interest accruing. This further boosts the owner’s credit score and is a great way to expand without losing revenue. Apply once and for all through us instead of wasting time completing application after application, chasing down lenders and debating with bank managers. A credit check is a must in order to get approved, but is a soft inquiry that does not affect the applicant’s credit score. Find out more information today and get a loan in your account in as little as 10 days. Apply for your no obligation phone call here.

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