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Selling houses can be lucrative if done well. One of the key factors of success is acquiring a team to help sell the property. Owners selling their homes are often aware there is some work to be done but have no idea where to look for the best people offering these services. Contacts you collect as a real estate agent come in handy here. Professional stagers help people showcase their homes to the best extent. Cleaners and trash haulers help clean up clutter and make the property look its best. Sometimes damage is obvious, and the ability to recommend a good roofer or professional to fill in foundation cracks is half the battle for clients.

All these professionals whose services you promote can fall on hard times or need loans at different stages of their business. Expansion is a great problem to have but can definitely come with its own battles in relation to cost. Hiring more employees costs money, as well as all the extra trappings (equipment, space, office needs) that come with that. Not all members of your team may be well established business owners. Promoting a friend or relation’s services can be a great way to network but new businesses definitely have struggles of their own getting up and running. Knowing the best way to help your team members acquire small business loans with great interest rates (or even none!) can help everyone in the long run.

Clients are an equally important factor. Many real estate agents work with repeat clients who scoop up fixer upper type properties to resell after flipping the house. A little elbow grease and attention from someone who really knows what they’re doing can turn a scary house into a dream home. Buying a house, even one that is falling apart, isn’t cheap. Even though the turnaround profit can be attractive, the mortgage has to be afforded first. For those who have the time and ability to flip more than one house at once, money can be a huge limiting factor.

We have many paths to gain the amount of funding required. Leveraging personal good credit can result in a creative solution to obtain 0% interest loans. Traditional loan options are also available. Term loans and personal lines of credit, business funding, equipment financing and more. This is support that can help keep business running for your clients and your professional team.

There is one more piece of the puzzle. Referring people you know through us is an easy way to help your clients and team. There is a small percentage taken off the backend of the loan to account for their time, expertise, and efforts in obtaining these unsecured, best interest rate loans. In this way, there is no barrier to entry to qualify for loans, so long as your credit, or your business’s credit score, is good.

There is an additional program for those who have referrals to submit Commission is paid out on referrals but comes only from the performance fee charged on the loan. Here is more information on their partner program, or go here to sign up. When a struggling business you partner with finds a win in the form of a loan, you can benefit in more ways than one, without causing more burdens to your contact.

Lastly, don’t neglect yourself. As a real estate agent, your costs may be lower than other professionals, but still present. Everything from continuing education down to business cards (think how many of those you hand out daily) add up in their own respect. Go through us and get all the funding and more that you might need. Partner up today. Your percentage commission is still applicable even if it’s your own application for funding going through, making it almost a discount to go through the program yourself. Your experience can also add value to any contacts you speak to looking for loan help. Apply today and work with a personal team member and financial manager who will guide you through the process from start to finish. In 9 easy questions and a soft credit score check, you can quickly be on your way to money in the bank. No sensitive information is collected in the application and you will receive a no-obligation phone call. What do you have to lose? Apply now and get the ball rolling.

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