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Many businesses, in the hustle and bustle of conducting transactions, can find themselves having an access of product. Retailers and manufacturers can find they need a safe place to store extra things, especially as they grow. Whether you are a local business, a big organization, or a franchise, extra space can always be useful. Starting businesses can also find themselves in this dilemma if they need to expand fast in order to keep up with demand for products and services.

In the case of companies where the bulk of business is selling goods, space is a very important factor in how they maintain themselves. Show cases and shelves will need to be readily available and in good placement for customers to be able to view products and valuables. The organization of these structures needs to take into mind ease for customers to maneuver around the store, the ability to maximize available space, and also to keep some space at “stand by,” to accommodate excess products and equipment. Extra space for storage helps companies take advantage of deals when their supplier has a business-to-business offer that will help boost profits when a particular item is sold, if the company can buy it in bulk. Finding your hands tied at such a crucial moment can cost hundreds or thousands in lost profit. 

For small businesses that are established in their permanent space success often comes with more price tags, such as hiring more staff, needing a bigger space to work, gaining better equipment, and having more storage space. Considering a storage space nearby may be a smart move. These facilities will hopefully come at a good price, but in the case of building or owning a warehouse versus renting storage space, a loan may be the best chance at bridging the difference in cost of the unit and available cash. Paying the interest on such a loan may be a small price compared to the revenue that can be gained, but of course, a no interest credit business loan or credit card would be preferable.

When considering a loan, starting companies are at a disadvantage as many lenders, especially banks, want the security of financial reports that show profits gained and tax returns in at least the last two years. Amid all the starting costs, these small businesses will also want to look at a space that can grow with them. Once their brand is known, they do not want to have to consider changing location to something bigger that meets their needs, and potentially losing customers along the way. Extra office space, storage for extra products, and an area to safely and neatly keep equipment and tools of the trade are all factors businesses should consider when securing their “home base.” Space should not be a limiting factor in how big an organization can grow and how many customers they can cater to. By the time a new business owner has added up all the costs they will need to pay venders, obtain raw materials, keep high quality equipment, and pay to staff, the cost of the perfect location can put a strain on available cash flow or the amount of a loan they may qualify for. Settling for a smaller space may seem like the best option. Startups need to obtain loans wherever they can get them and compromises are often made in order to get a bank’s approval.

Loans from banks are by far the most commonly obtained by small businesses. The security of knowing the money is being loaned by a reputable source can be a comfort, but the associated interest rates can be quite stressful. Business loans by banks are at minimum around 6% interest, and these better rates are reserved more for established businesses, whose financial documents back up their ability to repay the loan. A higher interest rate can be prohibitive to a starting company, who may feel pressure that this is the only loan they can get at all. Some new businesses in this position take a bite out of their budget anyway, hoping profits coming in will help bail out the risk they took in overextending the money they actually have in order to afford the ideal space. These struggling businesses may find in hindsight that a loan really is crucial to their success, but now their over-extension locks them out from consideration by banks and most other lenders. With good credit, they may qualify at merchant cash advance companies, but may end up in trouble if their gamble doesn’t pay off with high profits from their business. Now their loan comes due quickly and has very high interest rates attached to it, with many consequences for not paying. If only there was a place to obtain a no-interest small business loan that would entertain even starting entrepreneurs.

Imagine the solution to this dream scenario. We partner with a company that does not itself lend money, but has access to a large network of lenders who they can reach out to and get consideration for large amounts of money to be loaned even to the brand new entrepreneur. We have creative solutions so that business owners with good credit can leverage their credit score, or even their business’s good credit score, to qualify for a loan that would otherwise be out of reach. Their knowledge of loans extends also to no interest credit cards that are often offered by obscure organizations or even just by knowing the right people. We are experienced in finding loans with no interest for several months, and even up to a year and a half. Imagine the gains that could be produced by having cash flow available for all expansion needs, or setting up a business in the perfect space, collecting profits, and repaying the loan before any interest accrues. Expansion efforts can be so successful and credit scores can also improve, since repaying loans helps in this area.

Another reason to consider us over the run-of-the-mill bank option is that loans obtained are often unsecured loans. Banks and other lenders will often require collateral to be tied to their loan, so that there is a source that can be liquefied in order to repay what is owed in a timely fashion. Without such collateral to secure the loan, applicants are turned down, regardless of if they have good credit. Our partner knows where to get great loans, interest free in Utica, with no collateral necessary. Business owners often find these loans are available for higher amounts than the originally hoped for, leaving them the ability to purchase or rent exactly what they need, instead of having to settle for less ideal alternatives due to pricing.

We can help you find your ideal loan, just answer 9 easy questions (an ordeal that takes 30 seconds or less), approve a soft inquiry check on your credit score (the kind of check that doesn’t affect your credit score), and wait for your no obligation phone call by a company that knows what it’s doing, and what it takes to get you the loan you need. One application is all it takes, then we can reach out to its network, instead of you having to fill out application after application and attend meeting after meeting in order to collect offers and compare for the best. Let us take the run around out of the process for you and get the best deal available. Money can be available to you in as little as 14 business days. Click here to see how much you can get approved for. What do you have to lose?

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