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We work with a company that helps entrepreneurs secure the funding options they need, often for double and even triple the amount they thought they might qualify for. Motivated by their own negative experiences with lenders, our partner grew to facilitate loan approvals between business owners and the right lenders. They themselves do not offer the loans, but rather work with a large network of lenders. In their hands, your information filled out once can be directed to the right application forms to secure the loan amount you need, or higher, in just a few weeks.

Most people aren’t aware of all the ins and outs of securing the best business loan possible. For example, the order in which applications are filed matters, to qualify for the largest amount possible or needed. Follow ups on applications are sometimes necessary in order to receive the right attention from the right lenders. There are even ways to turn a rejection into an approval. With our business model, you can be sure an experienced funding manager will head your application in the right direction. This personal touch is just what’s needed to connect you with the right lenders and secure your business loan.

In a bizarre twist, unlike banking options, our partner specializes in 0% interest loans for startups, but can also find great loan options for established businesses, too. While startups are seen as risky investments, more mature organizations that have years of revenue data are often favored for loans. We have the resources to get business loans for your established company at a great interest rate. Skip the conditions and security that banks require and get that preferred interest rate on a loan for a high amount through personal term loans.

Personal term loans are available through the lending network that we use. These are loans granted on the basis of a business owner’s own good credit score for a fixed amount of time. In this case, a credit score of about 650 or more with an annual income of $50,000 is all that’s needed. And that annual income? That can be through your business, or even in combination counting your earnings from another job. These term loans go over 3-7 years with an interest rate as low as 7%. Best of all, you don’t to need to leverage anything other than your good credit. These loans are unsecured, meaning you don’t have to stake part or all of the value of a piece of real estate, car, or other asset against the loan.

Is your credit score maybe a little lower than the recommended 650? Don’t give up yet. Did you know maxed out credit cards can lower your score, even if you haven’t missed any payments? A 30% utilization is the best amount of credit card use to apply for a loan. However, it’s understandable that a busy business may max out a few credit cards or use way more than 30% of the limit of the card. Paying down these cards will wave a positive signal to the credit bureau, and your score will increase. Short on the funds but need to get a loan going right now? No worries, apply through us and you can get a bridge loan to sort out the credit cards.

Even after credit card debt is taken care of, it can take weeks for the credit bureaus to find this improvement and increase your score. Luckily, another perk is our ability to contact the bureau to re-evaluate your credit score sooner. This makes qualifying for your personal term loan a much shorter process than it otherwise would be.

So now you know how the ball can start rolling for your personal term loan. What do you have in mind for this money? You could renovate office space, invest in your construction project, smooth out obstacles in production, or focus on expansion efforts. The possibilities are endless, but if you truly don’t know if you need the money, here’s a sad fact for consideration. Most business owners will at some point face a struggle financially for their business. Personal matters can complicate running a company, but mother-nature can also throw vicious curveballs, such as the covid-19 pandemic and following quarantine. Wouldn’t it be great to have that personal term loan available as a padding against a rainy day? Looking for that kind of financial security when disaster is already occurring can be stressful, difficult, and almost impossible. Don’t be afraid to prepare today for whatever might happen tomorrow.

Qualifying is as easy as filling out 9 short questions. Your contact info, details about your business, and consent to a soft credit check are needed. Then, a no obligation phone call will come your way in 1-2 business days. Let your representative do all the heavy lifting applying and following up with lenders on your behalf. There are many other loan options available, including equipment financing and business funding. Get approved for the best one, or even a combination of products. What does it cost? A small service fee that can be charged on the backend of the loan. There is 0 barrier to entry. What are you waiting for? Apply now.

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